Post by Lola

Let’s face it, denim is never going to go out of style. It transforms, it’s classic, it’s reliable and durable so we’ll always be wearing denim – one way or another. And even though it is a color, denim is a great neutral for anything you want to wear.

Denim is very versatile and men and women alike can pair it up with just about anything. If you feel your outfit is missing something, add some denim somewhere and you’ll find what you were looking for. We’ve seen denim worn in ways including:

  • With high heels
  • With suit jackets
  • As a shirt
  • As a skirt or dress
  • Even denim shoes

From rags to riches

One of the greatest attributes of denim is that you can wear it in almost any condition and still look good. It’s possibly a designer’s favorite fabric to work with because it’s so versatile. And the styles for this season are no different, they’re really stretching the bands of variety.

Denim lovers are going to go nuts with the trends that are coming out for the 2018 spring/summer line. From baggy and cuffed to utility and “mom” jeans, as well as a few surprises in between, you will be left with a variety of ways to wear your denim.

What’s new

Designers did what they do best and found ways to make this season’s denim looks fresh and different. You’ll find that dark denim is going to be everywhere this season, giving you a classic and contemporary look. One style feature you’ll want to incorporate is an emphasis on silhouettes. 

Silhouettes can provide shape to those who are more long and lean, and emphasizes those that have shapes. Utilizing silhouettes in your style will help you find what flatters your body type the best.

Anytime you want to make something different, just break it down and rebuild it. That’s what designers have done with denim this season. You’ll find deconstructed denim giving quite a different look to your basic denim.

The denim fashion is turned up this season with pieces that include:

  • Denim Sweatpants
  • Ultra Cuffed
  • Ornate Embellishments; like patches
  • High Waists
  • Utility

Long length jeans are also in this season, think about the length being long enough to fit your highest heel. Asymmetrical designs are going to be rampant as well. Look for skirts and shorts looking like they were haphazardly cut and jackets that look like you missed a button.

Throwback Era

You may have noticed that the season’s styles resemble a decade that was loved and revered by many – the 90s. The denim styles back then were baggy, crisp and chic with denim jackets for both men and women being staples and the bottoms were fun, stylish and sexy.

High waisted jeans or skirts with crop tops and denim jackets, paired with either flat canvas sneakers or heels. The look is cheeky and sexy without showing too much skin. Face it, you’re going to see a 2018 version of this style this season.

You’ll also find the utility look coming back, a full denim jumpsuit that gives a new flare and feel to the aviator uniform. Worn with heels, this look is fun and comfortable for a day of shopping or a night on the town.

Cute Touches

Probably the best part of the 2018 denim season is the adorable touches that will adorn the looks. Painted denim is going to make your style stand out. Have an old pair of jeans or shorts you were going to toss? Consider trying your hand at some fabric paint designs.

Also, patches are going to make a big comeback – just don’t overdo it. A fun or pretty patch here or there gives a fun spin on your old classic. You might also find some embroidered denim making its way into your wardrobe.

Menim (Men’s Denim)

Last year’s “dad” jean look came as a surprise to many, but it’s held its own and for good reason; it’s comfortable and classic. This season’s “dad” jean is taking a throwback black jean and going modern. Black jeans are actually more versatile than the traditional stonewash blue.

This season’s black “dad” jean will have a more fitted thigh and tapered leg with a bit of stretch. The guys will find them comfortable – even if you don’t normally like a tapered fit. Men can pair these jeans with items like;

  • The classic t-shirt and sneakers
  • Tuck in, or not, any oxford shirt
  • Wear with loafers, sandals, or sneakers
  • A collared shirt with a blazer
  • A deconstructed pair with a white t-shirt and boots

The 2018 spring/summer style season is shaping up to be fun, flirty and denim-tastic. From embellished fabrics to classic styles amped with a modern flare, denim is really going to bring it this year. It seems it’s time to go shopping to snag these looks now so try visiting Blue Jean Baby for all of this season’s fashion trends.