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Tunics are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. If you are not aware of the many ways you can wear a tunic to enhance your comfort and style, check out some of these great ideas.

Tunics are Easy to Wear

Busy women all over the world know how important it is to pick a clothing item because if it’s ease and simplicity. That is exactly why women love to wear tunics. There is probably not an easier piece of clothing to just put on and head out the door. All you need to do is throw it over your head, stick your arms in the sleeves (if there are any) and head out the door. Tunics are made to be loose and flow around the body, so no adjustments need to be made anywhere.

Tunics Work With Every Body Type

Women come in all shapes and sizes. A tunic works for every body type, no exceptions. It will look equally great on a short woman as it does for a lady who is tall. It is the perfect wardrobe piece to downplay features you may want to hide like a large backside or larger-than-average breasts. At the same time, it will accentuate features you are proud to show off to the world like a flat stomach or long legs. The trick is to find the perfect cut that best suits your body type.

  • If you are pear-shaped, choose tunics that have side vents so it does not cling to your thighs and backside. Also, look for tunics that are tapered at the waist and have wide necks. You should also choose a tunic that falls either right above or below the heaviest part of your body rather than right at it.
  • If you have an apple shape, avoid tunics that are clingy. Instead, find tunics that focus on your neckline and legs. So, opt for one that is not too long and has a V-neck. You may also want to stick with darker colors or small patterns to make your top look smaller.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, stick with a fitted tunic that shows off your curves. Avoid buying tunics that are too big.
  • If you are full-figured, you need to wear a tunic that balances out your shape. Choose a tunic that allows your collarbone and wrists to show to give a more slimming effect. Also, stick with smaller prints.
  • If you have a rectangle shape to your body, your best bet is to find a tunic that gives some shape to your body. Go for one that buttons up and has a belt to help you create a waist.
  • If you are a petite woman, you need to choose tunics that are not overly long. Also, avoid looks that can make you appear to child-like such as puffy sleeves, cutesy prints and empire waistlines.

Styling Your Tunic

Once you find the perfect type of tunic for your body, there are many ways you can wear it. HEre are some great options.

  • Create the perfect proportions
    Since a tunic is traditionally a longer shirt, it can help to create the illusion of perfect proportions. Pairing a long, flowing tunic with straight, skinny bottoms will create an all-over perfect aesthetic.
  • Wear your tunic as a dress
    Most tunics are long enough that you can wear them like a dress. Pairing your tunic with a cute pair of tights finishes off the look perfectly. Then you can top it off with a belt, boots or any other cute accessory. It is the perfect look for spring and fall.
  • A great topper for shorts or capris
    As the weather gets nicer, you can pair your favorite lightweight tunic with shorts or capris (just make sure your shorts can be seen under your tunic). This casual summer look is perfect with a pair of strappy sandals. It’s the perfect look for a barbecue or beach party.


No outfit is complete without shoes. The only consideration you really need to make with a tunic, is that they do not look good with gym shoes or sneakers, even stylish ones. Instead, opt for a shoe that gives you a bit of height like wedges or strappy heels. You can just as easily wear your tunic with a pair of knee-high boots or ankle booties. If you want go with a flat shoe, choose a cute ballet flat to accentuate the look.

More Reasons to Try a Tunic

If you are not totally convinced that you need to go out and buy a tunic, here are some more reasons that might convince you:

  • You can wear a tunic as a top or a dress
  • Tunics make you look like a Boho goddess
  • Tunics fit any personal style
  • Tunics can be sexy
  • Tunics are great for layering.

If you need help picking out the perfect tunic and styling it, contact us today. We’d love to help you out.