Post by Lola

At Blue Jean Baby, we feel we live in a wonderful time. Today vintage fashion is regarded as high fashion. It’s moved beyond a trend in our culture and has found a permanent place as an in-demand way of finding sexy and unique clothes that we use to express ourselves to the world.

  • The craze for fashion began in 1770 with The Lady’s Magazine, which began publishing fashion plates, or illustrations of popular styles.

It’s hard to realize that vintage clothing wasn’t always fashionable. At one time, it was considered the last resort for those too poor to purchase new clothes, and wearing the newest fashions was considered a sign of wealth and status. People would be ashamed to wear clothing deemed out of style.

Today, vintage fashion is never out of style. With increased social acceptance of the wearing of vintage clothes, it’s finding new followers among all walks of life. We thought we’d take a moment to explore this incredible shift in culture that took vintage clothing from unwanted to desired.

The Rebellion

The first stirrings of a vintage fashion movement began in the mid-sixties as a rebellion against the industrial revolution that followed WWII. Disenchanted with the idea of everything new, improved and packaged, young people began to flock to second-hand shops and thrift stores to compile their own wardrobes.

  • Harriet Love established Vintage Chic, a shop in New York City that became a mainstay in street fashion.

As the trend of wearing cast-off clothing found legs in New York, San Francisco was creating its own fashion revolution with the free love and hippie movement. Long dresses, lace and velvet began to work its way into the counterculture wardrobe. What couldn’t be worn was cut up to be sewn into patchwork items.

By the time the 1980’s came through with the punk movement that added cultural aspects of kilts, watch chains on wallets, waistcoats and other carefully selected clothing items, vintage fashion was finding its way onto the backs of many that would have never considered it an option before.

The Celebrities

Vintage clothing has always had a celebrity following. What began with musicians quickly made its way over to the actors and actresses of the day. Today, it’s hard to find a celebrity that doesn’t wear vintage. From Kate Moss to Jada Pinkett Smith, celebrities have proudly worn vintage on the red carpet.

The Eco-Friendly

Vintage fashion is finding a following for a reason other than, well, fashion. With more awareness to the damage that clothing manufacture does to the Earth, people are choosing to wear vintage as a way to limit their impact on the environment. Recycling has made it to clothing.

Many of these devotees find their vintage wearable off the rack, but some source vintage clothing and modify it to better suit their purposes or to harvest materials. While that may make some of us wince a little, it still keeps a lot of good fabrics out of landfills.

  • Anne Hathaway pledged to do her entire publicity tour for her Colossal press tour.

Dissatisfaction with Popular Fashion

With the need to keep production costs down, many clothing manufacturers have shipped their operations overseas. Some consumers worry about the quality of life of the workers. When this is combined with rampant vanity sizing and limited selection for plus-size clothing, many consumers have found a vestige of options in vintage fashion.

It can be difficult to find a modern design that features elements that are meant to flatter body types that don’t fit the current ideal image. When trends change, certain cuts fall out of style. Many women find options in vintage clothing that make them feel comfortable with their figures.

  • Nicole Miller is often credited with introducing the size zero. While her reasons were legitimate, the size zero label increased vanity sizing.

The Ultimate Self Expression

Vintage clothing will always be fashionable, because no one can wear it in the same way. Even when trends do catch on, due to the finite stock of the supply, every person who wears the trend will wear the trend with their own twist. Each item is unique.

  • Consumers love being able to wear something no one else has or in an unexpected way.

Blue Jean Baby believes this is why vintage fashion will always have a following. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman, and think vintage fashion is one of the best tools to emphasize every woman’s individual beauty. If you’ve been unable to find clothes that fit your style, stop by our store, We hand-select true vintage fashion with an eye for style.

Each item that we stock is one-of-a-kind, just like you. So don’t be afraid to experiment with the different styles and fabrics found in vintage fashions. Try something new, or something old in a new way, and see yourself in a whole new light.