Post by Lola

My Charli

It’s National Puppy Day!! Or so I heard.. what better day to post a little story about my very own pup, Charli. As you know, we LOOOVE animals over here!! From my pup and bunnies, Tay’s two dogs and chickens, to our family pets that are with our parents (four dogs and two cats!)- we have enough to make our own farm! We want to tell all their individual stories, so here’s my sweet Charli girl’s story!

It’s funny, because I wasn’t planning on getting another dog out here in LA because I had the buns and they were free-roaming, so I was content with that and I honestly wasn’t sure how a dog would fit into the mix. But the universe had other plans and one night when Andrew and I were coming home from an event, I saw her just trotting down Crenshaw Blvd., straight toward the high way! Of course, being the animal obsessed person I am, I had to pull over and grab her! I pulled into a parking lot blocking the sidewalk, and I hopped out.. of course she was caught off guard so she ran around the car from me. By the time I had gotten back to the drivers side, she had somehow gotten into the back seat of my little coup and was laying there like she owned the place! The rest is history.

Of course, I told myself I would just bring her home, search for her owners, and if that failed- find a home for her. Obviously that did not happen because she was not wearing a collar, had no microchip, and I failed at finding any posts online about her. So, of course, she ended up staying and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Although she is a rescue in the truest sense of the word, and with that comes baggage, she loves us and her new life so much that any behavioral problems are just motivation to show her more love and security. Now that we have Gunny, she’s made us realize just how far she’s come and how much we spoiled her! lol. She is jealous when we do baby talk with him because she is used to all the attention being on her but she’s coming around! Here are a few photos of her hangin’ with her little brother 🙂