Post by Lola

There might be nothing in better in life than finding that perfect pair of jeans. Most likely you’ve spent hours and hours rifling through every rack you can find, or clicking through every virtual store you could think to search for — when you finally find that one pair you’re looking for, it’s all suddenly worth it. You know that pair: endless comfort combined with a supreme sense of confidence that comes from knowing you look good.

But what if there were a different way? What if you didn’t have to spend so many hours looking for that mythical pair of denim? Would you believe it if we told you that you didn’t?

The answer lies in getting your jeans tailored. That’s right. Sure, everyone thinks of the tailor when they’re having a dress altered or getting fit for a special suit, but a tailor offers so much more than that. If you’ve never really considered taking your jeans to a tailor, consider these reasons why you should:

Tailored Jeans Are More Comfortable

Let’s face it: no matter how well your store-bought jeans fit, they’re never going to be perfect on your body. This is because every single body is slightly different, and there’s just no way for a clothing company to design a pair of jeans that somehow manages to magically fit every single body type perfectly.

With tailored jeans, however, you don’t need to worry about this. Why? Because a custom-tailoring means that your jeans are made especially for you. Finding a pair of jeans close to your body style is great; getting them altered to match you perfectly, however, is divine.

Tailored Jeans Can Be More Stylish

Another great benefit to having your jeans altered is that, as long as the alteration isn’t too much of a change, you can update your jeans as the latest styles change. From season to season many slight changes make up new waves of fashion trends. Very rarely, though, do we see massive and sudden changes when it comes to jeans. Usually, we see slight changes in waist lines, trims and other small things.

The good news is that many of these changes can be taken care of by your local, trusted tailor. While a tailor can’t necessarily make a pair of jeans into anything she wants, these minor alterations can help keep your wardrobe current and in style, without forcing you to go back out and buy a whole new set of clothes. Which leads is to our next point . . .

Tailored Jeans Are Easier

The last two points naturally lead to a third one — this is simply easier. Think about it: rather than spend your free time combing through all the racks, you can save time with a tailor instead. This is true regardless of whether you’re buying new jeans and having them altered, or making changes to your favorite trusted pair. Either way, you’ll find yourself with much more free time and less stress all around.

Tailored Jeans Can Save You Money

This last reason might vary, depending on a number of factors, but for many people, it’s actually cheaper to visit your local tailor. Why? Simply because good, perfect-fitting designer jeans can be expensive — much more expensive than you would think. And for basic alterations a tailor is not anywhere near as costly as you would imagine. Put those two factors together and you have a potential money-making situation.

Of course, if you’re already buying more economical jeans than this might not completely apply. Still, though, as cheap as most alterations actually are, you can still get those jeans to fit and look perfect without having to spend and arm and a leg to do so!

Tips Before Visiting the Tailor

If you do decide to go to a tailor for your jeans, keep the following tips in mind:

  • It’s best to take jeans that have already been broken in. Because jeans naturally stretch and change with wear, it does you no good to spend money for a perfect fit, only to have then change their shape slightly as you break them in.
  • Wash them first! Washing them a couple of times beforehand also helps to make sure the jeans don’t shrink or change their shape in any way.
  • Bring shoes with you. This will help the tailor adjust the length to the perfect mark, which will make them look better all around.
  • Not everything is fixable. With jeans especially, there are certain changes that are easy — length, leg slimming and a little off the waist, for example — but not everything can be changed. In those cases, it’s best to look for the next perfect pair.