Post by Lola

The season is almost here for sunshiny days and warm summer nights, fun on the beach and refreshing drinks with friends. Summer requires the essential wardrobe items, those items beyond the trends, that women must have. We’re looking at what you need to have to get through this summer with ease.


Maybe you spend a significant amount of time at the beach, but you have to leave at some point. After all there are places to go, people to see and things to do. Let’s take a look at some of the trending, but comfy essentials in tops that you should have in your wardrobe:

  • Basic T-shirt: the basic T goes with just about anything; it can be dressed up or kept casual
  • Versatile tank tops: tank tops can be worn under anything and everything, or just worn alone
  • Crop tops: crop tops look great with a high waisted jean, short, or with a skirt
  • Cold shoulder tops: cold shoulder tops and off-the-shoulder tops give a sweet but sexy vibe and can be worn with anything
  • Basic button-up: every woman should have a few basic button-up shirts in their wardrobe, their versatility is endless


Having some basic dresses in your wardrobe will prepare you for just about any type of event. Adding a short linen dress and a flowy maxi dress or skirt to your wardrobe and you’ll be ready for anything from an outdoor social to an evening at a summer concert and everything in between.


Who are we kidding, women’s shoes are a staple in every season. But in summer, it’s more challenging since we don’t have one pair of shoes that goes with jeans or a dress. Your summer basics should include a comfy slide, a versatile sandal, a handy flip flop and a casual canvas shoe.


It’s really hard to go wrong with a basic bottom, but let’s make sure you don’t end up thinking it’s okay to wear a pair of short shorts everywhere you go. Effortless and airy are what’s expected this summer. Let’s look at some trendy, but staple bottom pieces to keep at hand:

  • Palazzo pants – a wide legged, airy pant usually made of silk, crepe or jersey materials.
  • Culottes – pair a culotte with a basic t-shirt and you are easily showing off a comfy and stylish outfit.
  • White pants – every woman needs to have at least two pairs of white pants. A functional capri or clamdigger and a stylish dress pant.
  • Romper – a cute romper gives you so many uses, wear it for a casual “romp” around town, or throw on some heels for a night out.
  • Overalls – yes, overalls, just choose a fitted pair that shows off your curves

Let’s not forget about those cool summer evenings either. Be sure to have some easy to grab jackets or sweaters. A cute, slouchy off-the-shoulder sweater can be paired with a maxi skirt, over a bathing suit or with a pair of jeans. There’s always the classic jean jacket that never goes out of style as well.


A few essential accessories can really top off those summer outfits. And this is a great way to bring that pop of color to your wardrobe as well. Here are some of the basics you should have at hand to give your outfit a punch:

  • Sunglasses: protect your eyes from the harmful rays with a fashionable but practical
  • Clutch purse: a clutch purse will be useful for a casual shopping trip or a romantic dinner date
  • Beach bag: having a beach bag handy can be used for more than just heading to the beach
  • Belts: choose belts with a pop of color or a plain belt with a pretty buckle
  • Hats: have two or three hats in your wardrobe from a casual baseball cap to a pretty sun hat

Bathing Suits

If you spend much time near the water, you’ll want to have more than one bathing suit. Just be sure to have a basic one-piece bathing suit on hand. A one-piece is a must-have because no matter how you’re feeling a one-piece can be worn and still be comfortable, stylish and sexy.

While a glowing tan is a summer goal, be sure to use sunscreen and build your tan slowly and naturally. Cover when you’ve had too much sun with a cover-up, hat or a flowy shirt. And don’t forget about those not-so-sunny days. Get yourself a stylish raincoat, boots and umbrella for those dreary, rainy days.

Having summer essentials will allow you to have what you need for your daily summer events and activities. Now that you have all that you need for the basics of your summer wardrobe, you can shop for those trendy extras to really top off your look this summer.