Post by BJB

As you all know, vintage is a huge aspect of Blue Jean Baby, for inspiration and as a part of our collection. Whenever we get to go out sourcing vintage, we leave on a high! We source our vintage from all over the place, from flea markets to estate sales and even little shops we find when we’re vacationing! However, forming strong relationships with our larger wholesale vintage suppliers is extremely important to us- especially when it comes to the products we need on a consistent basis, like our denim.

Of course, every time we think it will be a “quick pick up” of the essentials, we end up finding a ton of gems strewn throughout the mountains of new arrivals and never ending racks of old school letterman jackets, bombers, tee’s and dresses. You name it- they’ve got it! We can’t get enough! That’s the point it every sourcing journey that we have to get back to the bones of this operation and remember what we’re curating for and how each item will pair with our aesthetic.

We take such pride in our curating process and being able to bring our vision to all of you. So check out what we have in the meantime and we’ll get back to bringing you all the vintage goodness that we find!!