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Doesn’t matter what you are shopping for, everyone is looking for something vintage. Vintage home accessory, vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage eyeglasses and even vintage cars. Vintage and retro are always in style. As time goes by we want to wear clothes from bygone years.

Retro and vintage are sometimes used interchangeably but they are not the same. Both styles allow people to wear clothes that were popular in the past. You can find both styles for sale at many vintage clothing stores and online.

What is Vintage?

Vintage is something from a previous era. Clothing produced from 1920 to about 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. We love vintage clothing because it evokes a sense of nostalgia, a longing for time when the pace of life was much slower. It is something classic, something that can be enjoyed years after it’s been made. Vintage refers to the age, style, pattern or construction of the garment.

Vintage clothing is rapidly gaining popularity; people like to wear vintage clothing to express their individuality. Wearing vintage clothe is also a way to save money and to be more eco-conscious. Wearing vintage is a great way to keep nice clothes out of landfills.

Most vintage clothes popular today reflect the era when they were produced. They have period-specific detail, such as appliques, very wide or very narrow lapels and era-specific collars. Vintage clothing often looks more modest compared to modern fashion thanks to longer length and fuller cuts.

Authentic vintage clothes will often be made from more durable fabric and have more character than modern items. Sometimes it is very hard to recreate certain features and aspects of old items, so for a truly authentic look you need to look for real vintage clothing.

Because the sizes had changes so much over the years, it’s best to try on vintage clothing or you will need to know your exact measurements.

A modern woman needs to know how to wear vintage-style clothes without looking like she’s wearing a costume. Here are a few tips on how to wear this type of clothing and avoid looking too theatrical:

  • Chose garments that have a reference to or look like current trend. All modern designers reference vintage garments for inspiration. If you can find a vintage garment that looks current, you’ve hit a jackpot
  • Wear contemporary hair and makeup. Even modern day versions of classic hairstyles will update the vintage look. Slicked back bun or loose waves would look great with your vintage outfit. No need to spend hours trying to recreate the intricate hair and makeup of the 40s and 50s, go modern
  • To avoid looking too whimsical, pair your vintage clothes with modern accessories, such handbags, belts, shoes and sunglasses. Contemporary accessories will ground the vintage look and you would look current and chick
  • Mix your vintage clothes with modern separates. You can also make special vintage items more wearable and more suited to modern life. Mix an Edwardian-style blouse with a sweatshirt or torn jeans and you will get noticed for your good taste
  • Mix different eras. Mixing eras can have the same effect as mixing vintage and contemporary items. Wear a 1960s coat with a blouse from the 80s and a 1920s handbag. You can also mix textures, colors and patterns for a completely unique and timeless look

What is Retro?

Retro is something that imitates vintage, something that looks and feels like vintage but was recently produced. It’s an imitation of the vintage item. Retro is a reference to previous fashion trends. Retro is vintage-inspired look that has roots in the fashion trends from the past. Retro designs are usually inspired by fashion from 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Retro style in clothing, music, eyewear and fashion imitates the trends, fashion and attitude of the past. Retro items aren’t old, but they are made in the style of the time they are trying to imitate. Retro refers to the appearance of the item, not the actual construction.

Many modern day designers are inspired by vintage clothing and produce vintage looking designs that take the older style and put a modern spin on it. Retro clothing definitely has that unique look and character that no other style has.

The most popular retro styles include styles inspired by the 60s and 70. Bell bottom jeans, psychedelic colors, plunging necklines and even crochet elements are back in style. Retro accessories include micro bags, kitten heel shoes or square toes and heels made to resemble 1960 shoes.

One of the biggest, and long-lasting, retro trends is a midi skirt. Midi is a great equalizer of skirts and looks great on almost any body type and is completely work appropriate. Midi skirts are hopefully here to stay.

Vintage or retro? You decide – both styles have staying power because of the nostalgia quality and reference to the past.