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Sexy can mean very different things to different people, so finding the sexiest outfit a woman can wear poses a bit of a challenge. Sexiness is about more than clothes, so understanding what to look for when attempting to create the sexiest outfit can help you reach this pinnacle.

  • Clothing
  • Style
  • Attitude
  • Authenticity
  • Confidence

Preconceived Ideas of Sexy

Sexy is a term everyone likely thinks they understand, but at the same time most people are probably unable to define it. Sexy isn’t one thing, but at the same time it is very precise. The way people dress and handle themselves can be sexy, so can the way people think.

Defining Sexy

In order to understand what makes for the sexiest outfit you need to understand sexy and what it means. The notion of sexy is typically wrapped up in looks and appearance, and this is part of it. It is about being noticeable and having this energy that pulls people in and makes them take notice.

Clothes Set the Tone

Sexy can be luxurious fabrics and flattering designs that hug curves and bare skin. From delicate and lacy slip tops to form fitting denim or tried and true classics, like a little black dress or well worn jeans paired a fitted tee shirt, sexy outfits can take many forms.

The Complete Package

Other factors can come into play when determining what makes for a sexy outfit. The lingerie worn under an outfit can make a woman feel sexy. A full smokey eye or the perfect shade of lipstick can also do the trick and transform a look to be sexy.

The Right Mindset

Sexiness comes from within, and in order to be sexy and rock a hot outfit you need to get into the right state of mind. Clearing your head of negative thoughts and nagging self-doubt can pave the way to a sexy mindset. Here are ways to ensure you’re in the right state of mind:

  • Slow down and be in the moment
  • Focus on your strengths and things that make you feel positive and confident
  • When you have a negative thought, identify it as such and make a point to ignore it
  • Push through your limits or fears if you feel uncomfortable
  • Be open to new ideas and experiences and look for opportunities to grow

Truth is Sexy

Being authentic and true to yourself is a major aspect of being sexy. Trying to act cool or wear clothing that makes you uncomfortable is fake. Pretending to be something you’re not is tiresome and can become a hassle. Being anything less than authentic may undermine your sexy efforts.

Be Confident in Yourself

Having the confidence to be true to yourself frees you to be sexy. Once you have embraced confidence anything you wear can become a sexy outfit, because you will make it sexy. Understanding your own happiness and dressing and acting in ways that feel natural and normal allow you to experience being sexy.

Understanding Sexiness

Sexy can be well worn favorites that deliver comfort and help bring out confidence. It can be a way of thinking or behaving, and the clothes you wear can bring out this mindset. Sexy can mean comfort both physically and mentally.

Dress the Part

Clothing doesn’t make you sexy, but when you have figured out how to be comfortable and confident you can make your clothes sexy. Wearing clothes that accentuate your body or give you the freedom to move and live your life as you wish make for the sexiest outfits.

Create Your Version of the Sexiest Outfit

When you’re in the right place mentally you can make any outfit sexy, but sometimes certain garments can make the transition easier. The right clothing can help bring out your confidence and get you in the mindset to project sexiness. Blue Jean Baby has a diverse lineup of quality and vintage inspired clothing that makes it easy to feel sexy.

Find the Right Outfit

From glamorous vintage to broken in denim you will find a wide range of clothing that can easily be in contention for the sexiest outfit a woman can wear at Blue Jean Baby. The carefully curated lineup balances delicate details against classic designs and comfortable fabrics. Simple yet stated pieces that make a sexy statement include:

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Be An Individual

Not everyone may agree with your brand of sexy, but that’s okay. When you are true to who you are and you feel good about the clothes you wear and the impact you have, that is what matters. When others see you as sexy that is just a bonus.