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Trends come and go, but oftentimes those trends come back into style. Trends are cyclical. While some styles never really go out of style, some fashion will come back around after some time. Vintage clothing is a great way to incorporate classic styles and iconic trends into your wardrobe.

Examples of vintage fashion include:

  • Blouses
  • Pants
  • Dresses
  • Jackets and blazers
  • Accessories, including hats, scarves, belts, jewelry and more

Celebrity Appeal

Celebrities are known for being trendsetters, and this rings true when it comes to vintage apparel. When celebrities are photographed on red carpets or even just running errands while wearing vintage garments, this generates interest in retro clothing. Inspiration via celebrities often drives people to seek out their own vintage finds.

Something Unique

Vintage clothing has character. Minor details give garments an extra emphasis and style boost. Whether wearing an entire outfit made up of vintage finds, or complementing your look with a single or few choice vintage pieces, the timeless elegance is unique and will help elevate the overall look.

Vintage and retro garments are one-of-a-kind and provide an eclectic style and look. Classic pieces have a timeless elegance that will always be en vogue. While, for the fashion-forward individual, vintage clothing can be a way to express individual style.

The Drawbacks of Modern Fashion

Mass produced fashion has a functional appeal and usefulness that allows these garments to earn a spot in the wardrobes of many. However, modern clothing is often not distinctive. Wearing new clothing often means blending in, because it is completely possible someone else will have the exact same garments.

Search for Quality

It is possible for more modern clothing to be modeled after vintage designs and classic styles; although , these garments normally lack the quality and distinctive traits that make vintage clothing so special. Modern clothing is often low quality. Inexpensive materials are poorly constructed, resulting in low-end garments.

Vintage pieces have stood the test of time in terms of style and construction. High-end materials, high-quality construction, including reinforced stitching, linings and more are often the result of trained craftsmen, which lend vintage clothing an unmatched durability. The clothing naturally wears well and holds up wear after wear.

Hallmarks of Quality Vintage Clothing

  • The style, material and construction of a garment can help identify an item as vintage.
  • Unrecognizable name brand labels are another indication of vintage. If you recognize the name of the brand, but not the logo, it’s probably because you’re looking at an old garment.
  • Union tags normally indicate clothing manufactured in the United States at some point between 1900 and the 1980’s.
  • Local tags featuring the name of an American city and / or state as the place the garment was manufactured in another indication of vintage.
  • A separate tag reading, ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ or an American flag indicate clothing manufactured during the 1980’s. After this point, a majority of clothing manufacturers began to send their operations overseas.

Easy to Repair

With age comes inevitable wear and tear, which can result in damage. In some cases, these tiny imperfections can lend the clothing style and emphasis the age of the garment. Although, oftentimes, a talented seamstress can repair vintage garments in order to return the clothing to its previous glory.

Again, by comparison, modern clothing or fast fashion, is typically not worth repairing. The construction is so poor that many professionals may find they are unable to salvage the items. Trendy, newer items are not intended to last, and may wear out after just a few weeks of being worn.

Mix and Match

Discerning shoppers can still find newer quality garments. While new clothing may not exhibit the individualism and character of vintage finds, retro clothing can play off of and complement new clothing. It is easy to mix and match vintage pieces with newer garments for a unique style and look.

Range of Style

The term vintage covers a wide range of time, from flapper dresses from the 1930’s to iconic denim from the 1980’s with lots of garments from the interim. Whatever the look or style you aspire to embody and showcase, you can likely find it in a good vintage shop.

Vintage clothing has so much to offer in terms of style, quality and even self confidence of the wearer. Whether you add a single vintage garment to your wardrobe, or if you dedicate a substantial amount of space in your closet to retro finds, vintage clothing has much to offer.

Advantages of Vintage Clothing

  • Self expression of personal style
  • Distinctive details and character
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Ability to easily integrate pieces into an existing wardrobe
  • Value based on how well pieces hold up

Whatever the era of the the garment, vintage clothing can help people rebel against the uniformity of fast fashion. Vintage clothing has a story to tell, and when you incorporate retro garments into your wardrobe that story merges with your own. We can help you find the perfect vintage pieces for your wardrobe.